Description: Black and White flier promoting Vouant Communication’s Graduate Leadership Conference.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I first sketched four separate designs for this flier. I then chose the one that my friends, sister, and I liked the most. From there, I started on my draft in Adobe InDesign. I chose to create a type of flow on the left side of the flier with the white space. I created repetition through my use of the two gray boxes appearing on the top and bottom of the flier. I also tried to create a type of unity and repetition through my use of the “stepping rectangles” directly to the left of the picture. You can also find this “stepping” on the bottom of the left side with the logo and date/time/place information directly above it. I also made the first phrase of the body a slightly bigger font and italicized it to make it contrast with the rest of the body, which is generally small, but readable font size. I was provided the logo, text, and picture.

Message: My message for this particular flier is to let my audience know of this conference, what it is about, and the date/time/place of the event.

Audience: Recent college graduates or college seniors.

Top Thing Learned: I think that learning how all the design elements work together (like in FOCUS) was the most important thing that I learned. Learning how to use InDesign was also pretty important, but I feel like learning the design principles has more of a significance. I loved how if I used the principles, everything just seemed so much more visually appealing.

Title Font Name & Category: Bernard MT Condensed-Modern/Slab Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Helvetica CY-Sans Serif

Links to images used in this project:


5 thoughts on “Project 1 Flier

  1. Hey Abby nice Blog! I liked the design of your flier too, I think you did a good job of using white space. The little bars next to your picture take up just enough of it so it doesn’t seem too empty. I also liked how you did the title and Graduate really sticks out and grabs your attention. It was a pretty simple yet effective design overall, I thought. I also did one and you can check it out if you want!


  2. You did a very nice job with your project! I like what you did with the stair-step like rectangles leading up to the image. It gives it a good repetition feel and leads my eyes toward the picture. The alignment of the text with the edge of the image is also a nice touch. I naturally followed the image right down to the text and it was very easy to read. I also feel like you used white space effectively. It kept my eyes focused on what was important and I did not have to move around a lot. Very well done. Check out my blog as well at:


  3. I really enjoyed the neat, clean-cut feel of this flier. The bars on the left side of the image you used, gave intrigue and drew my interest in. The values of those bars definitely led my eyes to the image. The first thing I saw were the two large bars at the top and bottom, then the image, then down the values of the bars, into the white space, which connected me to the title piece “Graduate”. So all in all this is a very organized, flowing flier, very well done.


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