P2 Event Ad Final

Description: A full-bleed, color event ad meant to promote a fundraiser using only Microsoft Word, scanner and Photoshop (strictly to only check pixels and image size).

Process: I first found the image I wanted to use in a National Geographic magazine and immediately knew that I wanted to promote an event that was planning to save animals. I then scanned the image, which was an entire page, and checked the pixels on Photoshop. I then added it to my document, sharpened the image and added a side bar to add text to. I didn’t want to cover up, or crop much of the image because it really is a beautiful photo. I didn’t want to take away from it that much. I added the title, date, time, place and benefactor in the side bar. However, I added the body text on top of the picture, within the empty area created by the trunk, to create some asymmetry and contrast. I believe that if I kept the body text on the side bar with all the other text, it would’ve been too text-heavy on the left side. I made sure that all my text in the side bar is aligned to the right, and I made sure that the body text was aligned with the orange bars within the side bar. I used Microsoft Word, http://pdf2jpg.net/ (PDF converter), Scanner from the Library, and Photoshop (only to check pixels and image size).

Message: The message for this ad is that the African Elephant is going extinct and we need donations to help that not happen. I am trying to create an emotional appeal or connection with my audience with my large title that emphasizes “Save” and the picture of the mother elephant and her baby.

Audience: My audience is anyone over 18. This is a public fundraiser and anyone who can donate (adults) can come and help the cause. So, my audience is a broad one.

Color scheme and color names: I used a complementary color scheme, using blue and orange as my complementary colors. I used the shade fourth from the middle for both the orange and the blue.

Top Thing Learned: I learned some fascinating design elements in Microsoft Word that I had no idea existed.

Title Font Name and Category: Superclarendon Regular & Italicized-Slab Serif (or Modern, it seems to be in the middle)

Copy Font Name and Category: Athelas regular- Slab Serif (or Modern, it seems to be in the middle)

Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used: I scanned this image on October 5, 2015 from the September 2015 issue of National Geographic, found in the David O. McKay Library. The image was originally 14” x 5 1/8”. The final dimensions of the image, after I had scanned it were 1039 x 1650. I scanned this image on the first floor of the Library, in the commons, using the provided scanner.



6 thoughts on “Project 2 Event Ad

  1. The biggest thing that stands out to me is the alignment of this flier. You align the add-in with the flow of the picture, which makes it really strong in the message presented. Moreover, the way that you use the little space between the two elephants is genius. it really brings out the deeper meaning of saving the elephants.
    Finally, you use filled-blue on the text box, which adds more variety to the flier with the color scheme.


  2. I really enjoyed your photo and how well it tied your Event Ad together! You’re scan was excellent. I think it also really tied into your emotional support that you were shooting for! The baby was a good touch. Sounds like you learned a lot and grew from this project! Great job!


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