Child Praying January 22, 2004

Description: A montage that shows the spiritual importance of prayer.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): I used Adobe Photoshop for my entire process, once I had chosen a couple pictures from the Internet.

  1. Once I had my main picture, the picture of the girl praying, I changed the levels to better show the detail in her hair and to make it not so washed out. I also added some more vibrancy because once I added a filter it made the whole picture whiter and more washed out.
  2. I then used the lasso tool to take away what I didn’t from the picture of Christ on top of the picture of the girl.
  3. I then used a mask and the brush tool to seamlessly blend Christ into the background. I made sure to not use the brush on his face because then you’d be able to see through it and I didn’t want that.
  4. I then added a filter by using a picture of cracked concrete from
  5. Then, using a mask again, I took away the concrete around Christ.
  6. I also added the text and made the word “prayer” a bigger and italicized font in order to create contrast. I also added an almost transparent rectangle box to make the text more legible and to compliment my color scheme.

Message: My message is simply stated as, prayer will help you in hard times. When you feel like you’re about to break, pray.

Audience: My audience is anyone who is associated with a religion who prays to Christ. Once again, I have a very broad audience.

Top Thing Learned: I would say that the top thing that I learned is the whole process of taking away from one picture and molding it into another one, seamlessly. I really liked using the brush tool to get rid of the harsh edges. To me, it looks more professional that way.

Filter/Colorization used and where it was applied: So I didn’t use a filter on the Photoshop program, but I rather used a texture from the website Brother Pingel recommended,, and then changed the “normal” setting to “soft light”. I kept the filter on the whole picture, except I used a mask to take it away from Christ. I was going for fragility. Let me explain, the quote said that when you feel fragile, you should pray (roughly summarized). Therefore, I thought that the cracks that the concrete filter provided, matched my intentions for showing fragility. I didn’t want the cracks to be on or around Christ because he isn’t fragile; he is instead out rock and foundation, the opposite of fragility. I also selected Christ’s robe and changed the color from a light blue to a light purple in order for it to better compliment my color scheme.

Color Scheme: Complementary Color Names: Purple and Yellow

Font #1 Name and Category: I used Athelas Bold for the quote and Athelas Bold Italicized for the word “prayer”. The category is Oldstyle.

Font #2 Name and Category: For “President Harold B. Lee”, I used Athelas Regular. The category is Oldstyle.

Thumbnails of Images used:

Child Praying January 22, 2004

Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):

Priority Ministries-Reader Input: Kids vs. Bedtime

LDS Media Library-Portrait of Christ Smiling



6 thoughts on “Project 4: Montage

  1. Love the texture in this image and how it is used to express a theme of tradition. This helps make the act of the prayer seem more sincere and therefore better allow for one to be enveloped into the picture. I think the act of using a child for the quote is very fitting as well. Because the child is fragile, it represents that life is fragile and therefore helps show that prayer is all the more important.

    Here is another image I liked:

    -Spencer Wind


  2. Abby, your design was so good this week! It’s totally one of my favorites. I love the color choice and how warm and uplifting it is. It really just makes me happy inside when I see it, and I feel comforted with the peace it is conveying. I think your images were blended together perfectly. The transparency on both of the images with the textured background was also a nice touch and adds more of a professional, stylistic look to it. The quote is simple while still being inspiring, and I like that you emphasized prayer to ensure the message of your design. Awesome work this week, keep it up!

    Check out Justin Barnes’ blog:


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