Description: A Logo for “Lil’ Miss Boutique”.

Process: For the logo project, I did research on the Internet to get some inspiration and formulate some sketches of ideas. I chose three sketches to create using Illustrator. I used many parts of Illustrator such as the shape tool, the eyedropper and pen tool. I then took a vote of my peers to see what their opinions were considering my three different ideas. My first design was the most popular and I liked it the best as well. I then refined and slightly altered my logo to make it more visually appealing. I aligned the top and the bottom of the text with the top and bottom of the umbrella. I also aligned both the left and right side of text using kerning. I then created a gray scale version of my logo and a copy with a background and the words white.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator

Message: It is a logo for a Boutique, so the message is simply meant to provide good advertising and branding.

Audience: My audience consists of young women from older teen girls ranging to younger women.

Top Thing Learned: How to alter shapes to make a recognizable shape (ie. a bird in the Twitter logo using circles or my umbrella using lots of circles, a star and some lines).

Color Scheme: Split Complementary Color Names: Lime, Gold and Purple

#1 Font Name & Category: Noteworthy (Decorative/Sans Serif)

#2 Font Name & Category: Arrus BT (Oldstyle)


8 thoughts on “Project 5: Logos

  1. I love your logo! It’s cute and simple and the umbrella matches the boutique feel. Everything is aligned so well from the top of the umbrella to the bottom. I thought the fonts you used were very appropriate and well-fitting and your color scheme looks great! I think it’s awesome that all three of the logos look good- whether it’s in black and white or has just white text with a colored background. Great job.
    Check out my blog post:


  2. I love the simplicity of your design. Your color scheme looks great and creates good gestalt because it feels like it matches your company logo and name. I like the umbrella/parasol I think, not sure what you call those. I think your typography looks good, it creates a small business homey feel. Your logo kinda makes me think of southern hospitality in a way, like you would just be welcomed right in, which is kinda cool to get that feeling from a logo. Overall I think you did a great job.

    Check out my design:


  3. Nice logos! I think you really nailed the font choice for your logo. I also thought that you had a nice color scheme. I think your umbrella is also really nice because it is memorable with the way it is laid out. I also really like the bottom one with the white against the purple, it is probably my favorite one. Good job overall, if you get a chance check out some of our classmates blogs like Ariana’s at:


  4. I’m really impressed with your logos this week! I like how your fonts have character to your design and helps me better understand you audience. I also like the accent on the yellow you added on your umbrella, I thought that was pretty cleaver. Lastly, I like how you used a different font for Boutique. You should check out Amelia’s design, she did something similar to your logo!
    Good job!


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