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Description: An offset formatted brochure.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used the format of the offset design that we were assigned to complete as an assignment in class.I created an offset design because I really wanted to create a column of some of the many famous landmarks in Europe to give the reader a visual idea of what they could possibly experience. I also liked how the inside is just two pages and gives a lot of space for information

I then went into Adobe InDesign to create a unique logo. I used the           rectangle tool, various circle sizes and also the pen tool. I the decorative or script-like font for “European” because I felt that it gave it more of a classy, fancy and historic feeling.

I used the teal bar on the bottom of the front/back and also the part of the inside that would be seen with the front to create a sense of repletion and flow. I made it slightly transparent so that the viewer could still see picture underneath it.

For the image of the girl sitting down with the map, I used the “quick-selection” tool in Photoshop to cleanly cut her out of the original picture. I then wrapped the text around the image in the brochure in InDesign. Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop

Message: My message is to inform and advertise Travel European, a company that specializes in trips to Europe.

Audience: My audience is anyone who is old enough to purchase a trip to Europe, everyone from young adults to seniors.

Top Thing Learned: I would say that the top thing that I learned for this project was patience. I had to have immense patience when working with these programs because they became very very slow and I also had to have patience when I was printing and trimming because it took quite awhile till I got it just right.

Color scheme and color names: Split Complementary (Indigo, Teal, Orange) (I used the third away from the outside of the circle. That particular shade of indigo has more apparent purple tones than the darker shades. That’s why the brochure seems to have a purple color on it. It isn’t purple, but rather indigo.)

Title Font Name & Category: Apple Chancery (Decorative or Script)

Copy Font Name & Category: Myriad Pro (Sans Serif)

Word Count of copy: 419

Thumbnails of Images used:

Anyul Rivas




Valencia Spain


SAN MARINO_Shutterstock_135459146

picture taking

Notre Dame



girl with map

Sources (Links to images on original websites): (Question 5)


4 thoughts on “Project 8: Brochure

  1. What a great brochure! I love it! I love the front cover, it has a picture but also includes the logo. For me I struggled with that, so I am very impressed with the way your front page looks. I also like how you used two slightly different colors for the inside pages. It adds some depth and some nice contrast. Overall, wonderful job! Here’s a link to my project


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